Enfin une nouvelle version pour ce front end destiné à Mame, en voici les nouveautés:

– Added a DATs Option in « Other Extras » section of the About Form to display what DATs are installed in your M.A.M.E. directory. If you click on one of the filenames, it will show you the modified date and time of the file.
– Added the ability to maximize MAME Classic. This was a popular request.
– Changed the font displaying Classic.txt, Windows.txt, and other reports so that they are easier to read.
– Fixed a bug that would cause the program to error and exit if the ENTER key was pressed while running a What’s Changed report.
– Redesigned the Reports pull-down menu to make it easier to read.

Télécharger VBALink 1.8.0 Beta 0 (551,8 Ko)

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