Il ne s’agit pas vraiment d’un émulateur mais plutôt d’une machine virtuelle pour développer et faire tourner des applications Atari ST, mais aussi TT & Falcon tournant sous Windows/Mac et disponible en Open Source.


Notable changes:

  • ARAnyM is hosted by at
  • there are automated builds for x86/amd64, armhf and macOS
  • added hotkey for turning audio on/off
  • HostFS MiNT file locking implemented
  • nfosmesa updated to OpenGL 4.6
  • MetaDOS driver improved
  • hotkeys work in the Setup GUI dialog as well
  • configurable directory for screenshots (via Setup GUI)
  • on macOS the configuration file is now looked up first
    in ~/Documents/Aranym_files (if it does not exist yet)
  • displaying non-ASCII characters in the fileselector
    should work now
  • path of loaded TOS/EmuTOS can now be selected in the Setup GUI
  • JIT CPU compiler now supports Solaris
  • JIT CPU compiler now supports more 64bit hosts (like kfreebsd)


New features:

  • NatFeat SCSI driver for Linux
  • NatFeat host exec
  • NatFeat for query/set CPU JIT
  • NatFeat for ARAnyM exit
  • new command line option –option
    that can set any value from the config file
  • AppImage can now be built


Télécharger ARAnyM v1.1.0 (3.2 Mo)

Site Officiel

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