Il s’agit d’un émulateur de GameBoy N&B/Color écrit en Lua.


– Now targets Love 11.2
– LuaJIT settings optimized for a rather hefty performance boost. Credit to @nico-abram, @TannerRogalsky and @meepen for the suggestions.
– Less unpack, more FFI. Several small speed improvements from light code reorganization
– Audio now routes through QueueableSource, greatly reducing skips, pops, and latency when running fullspeed
– Proper support for General Purpose and HBlank DMA, needed by a few popular CGB games
A word of warning: I no longer have access to a Macintosh, so I can’t test the OSX build. I’m providing it anyway in the hopes that it continues to be useful, but I can’t give it any sort of seal of approval. Pull requests welcome if I’ve buggered it up in some way.


Télécharger LuaGB v0.1.1 Alpha (3,3 Mo)

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