Développé par Mike Wynne, il s’agit d’un émulateur Sinclair ZX81, Sinclair ZX80, Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16k/48k, Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128k, Amstrad/Sinclair Spectrum +2, Amstrad/Sinclair Spectrum +2a, Amstrad/Sinclair Spectrum +3, Timex TS1000, Timex TS1500, Timex TS2068, Timex TC2048, Lambda 8300, Ringo R470, MicroDigital TK85 et Jupiter ACE.

Version 1.15 – 21/04/2019 (by SirMorris and Paul Farrow)
* Bug fixes:
– The zoom size was not being restored from the .ini configuration file.
* Enhancements:
– Added ‘browse to SD card folder’ button to ZXpand option in hardware menu.
– Added z88dk .map symbol parsing to allow easier debugging of C programs.
Version 1.14 – 17/02/2019 (by Paul Farrow and SirMorris)
* Bug fixes:
– Switching from a custom window size to a fixed size did not always change the size correctly.
– The drive indicator on the status bar was not always redrawn fully.
– Entries from Configuration menu did not load all settings.
– Drive indicator on status bar could appear as a result of a ZXC ROM cartridge menu being
– Selecting items from the menus before the emulator was fully started up could result in an
error dialog being displayed.
– Drag and drop of program files into the main window now works again.
– Fixed exception that could occur when opening the Profiler Plot window.
– Updated to latest ZXpand+ firmware, which fixes a ‘break’ issue with CAT.
– Profiler Plot window now displays the latest min and max values.
* Enhancements:
– Added support for interlace displays when a Chroma interface is selected.
– Dot crawl can now only be set for non-128K Spectrum models.
– Improved Hardware window machine icons.
– Improved Splash Screen image.
– Added auto-update option to the Profiler window.
– Improved UI operation of the Profiler and Profiler Plot windows.


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