Nouvelle grosse update sur la section WIP (Work In Progress) de MAME pour la période du 24 Décembre 2003 au 02 Janvier 2004 (et oui ca travail dur durant les fêtes…)

2004-01-02: Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed a lot of graphics glitches in MS Gundam EX Revue. Quench fixed the sounds in Bakuretsu Breaker. Tomasz Slanina fixed a few more things in MS Gundam EX Revue.

2004-01-01: Stefan Jokisch added PROMs and converted Moon Patrol to the tilemap system, and added PROMs to Rally X. Mariusz Wojcieszek fixed the sprite color calculation in Winter Heat and Virtua Fighter Kids, and he fixed Princess Clara Daisakusen so that it is playable now.

2003-12-31: Erik Sipman submitted a modification to fill black borders with artwork without changing the resolution.

2003-12-30: Quench fixed the OKIM6295 sound chip banking in Diver Boy, fixed the sprites from being clipped at the right side of the screen and the horizontal resolution. Erik Sipman submitted a modification to pause MAME automatically when it loses focus.

2003-12-29: Aaron Giles added the ability for drivers to change the refresh rate during emulation. Quench fixed the OKIM6295 sounds in Aquarium. Pierpaolo Prazzoli added Wild Pilot to the Cisco Heat driver, but it has some graphics priority problems.

2003-12-28: Quench fixed the DIP switches and fixed the OKIM6295 banking in Funny Bubble, fixing some sounds. David Haywood fixed some graphics glitches in Funny Bubble. Bryan McPhail fixed Avengers in Galactic Storm so it’s quite playable, though it still has some graphics glitches. Pierpaolo Prazzoli decoded the background graphics in Competition Golf, but the background tilemaps are not yet emulated. Nicola Salmoria sent in a Namco 8080 driver cleanup, fixing inputs and graphics glitches in all games.

2003-12-27: Fabrice Arzeno and Brian A. Troha added two new Run and Gun ROM sets. Brian A. Troha also added the correct object ROMs to Final Lap 2. Stefan Jokisch added the fixed Black Dragon (bootleg) ROMs to the Black Tiger driver.

2003-12-26: Luca Elia fixed Target Ball so it works now. Nicola Salmoria fixed the DIP switch settings in Lady Frog. Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed the DIP switch settings and added sound to Cross Pang. Paul Priest changed the BIOS handling so that they don’t have to be added to -listinfo separately

2003-12-25: Tomasz Slanina added DAC sound to the Truco-Tron driver. Nathan Woods sent in another few miscellaneous patches to various files. Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed a lot of the graphics glitches in Cross Pang. Stefan Jokisch added some unused PROMs to a few drivers.

2003-12-24: David Haywood added Borderline to the vicdual driver, but it’s missing sound. David Haywood also added the EAB version of Premier Soccer to the TMNT driver, added Target Ball to the Paradise driver (doesn’t work) and improved the Funny Bubble driver, though it still has a few glitches. Pierpaolo Prazzoli and David Haywood sent in a driver for Cross Pang, it mostly works but sound is not emulated and it has a few graphics glitches.

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