Elsemi vient de sortir une nouvelle version de Nebula qui propose les améliorations suivantes:

CPS1 :

– Fixed high music speed in sf2 and captcomm.
– Added the missing CPS1 drivers (thanks mike_haggar).


– Fixed the memory corruption bug in orlegend.
– Fixed zooming (it was reversed).
– Fixed screen cut with some blitters.

CPS2 :

– Re-adjusted timing, some games are smoother (ssf2t).

General :

– Added Force feedback support, using tables. I’ve included 2 sampe tables (xmvsf.ht2 and mvsc.ht2). Read the comments in them to know how to make your own tables. To make .FFe files you’ll need MS force editor that comes with directx sdk. It hasn’t been too much tested so there might be bugs, let me know if you found any and/or if you make a force table.
– Added a control layout load/save feature to save your favourite layouts (as the save/load default layout never worked corectly). I’ve added some layouts for keyboard, 6 button pads and hotrod (thanks Crashtest).
– Fixed errors when changing DSP plugins.
– Fixed a small bug in the winamp wrapper plugin. Now more winamp DSP plugins work (like DFX 6.0, RTEQ, Pacemaker) Added an HyperBass DSP plugin (just in case you want to break your subwoffer).
– Fixed keep aspect gfx option. To get a clean scanlines image I recommend using 800×600 with no stretch.
– Added 3 new gfx blitters. Bilinear interpolators, that override the older Full and light interpolation ones. The effect is the same but they are twice faster.

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