YAPE (Yet Another Plus/4 Emulator) est un excellent émulateur Commodore C16/Plus4 tournant sous Windows. Voici les nouveautés :

– True disk rotation emulation
– Full write support in CPU level 1541 and 1551 drive emulation
– TED and SID sound now selectable at the same time
– Option to synchronize to Vblank for smoother video
– Improved reading of SID registers
– Better high and low pass filters (courtesy of Bionic)
– Maximizing the window in PAL mode now keeps the correct aspect ratio
– Potential timer overflow bug corrected
– Stupid & rare crash bug in cpu emulation fixed
– Emulator ID could cause custom ROM corruption
– Many-many bugfixes

Télécharger YAPE (Win9x) v1.0.4 (1,1 Mo)

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