Denise est un émulateur c64 / Amiga précis dont le projet est influencé par le design de l’émulateur higan. Version française incluse officiellement.


– drag’n’drop support
– firmware paths will be saved and applied for loaded save states
– prepare multiple firmware configurations and switch between them
– auto detect language and keyboard layout during first start
– added alternate configuration for input elements (i.e. shift left/right and plus )
– command line support + testbench support
– color palette selection and creation
– color spectrum generation by Pepto’s new findings (Colodore)
– added integer scaling
– cpu driven CRT emulation
– pal delay line
– chroma subsampling
– hanover bars
– rf modulation
– gpu driven CRT emulation (OpenGL only at the moment)
– like cpu with more effects
– Sinc FIR lowpass filter for bandwidth reduction
– Vic-II luma glitches
– luma/chroma noise, random line offset
– shadow mask, aperture grille, cromaclear
– bloom
– radial distortion
– fixed a lot of misspellings in german translation (thanks Arndt)


Télécharger Denise (64 bits) v1.0.6 (1,8 Mo)

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