L’un des meilleurs frontend pour l’émulateur Mame vient d’être mis à jour, voici les améliorations:


1. Games List not being focused when starting in full screen mode
2. Main menu showing when in full screen mode… but it shows up again after using a popup menu or opening a window (only if you restart with full screen enabled)
3. The last column was being ignored when applying changes, no matter what data you putted there (Columns Editor)
4. A few systems with bios were not being correctly handled because the bios name is different from the driver name, preventing certain games from running (see changes #11 for more info)
5. The index of the last selected game filter was not being correctly updated
6. Feature « Update favorite games », it’s working again (Favorite Users Manager) 🙂
7. Columns sorting routine now works at it should 🙂
8. « Check for Missing Icons » and « Check for Unneeded Icons » duplicated folder… (sorry MAMU_)
9. Games with .chd files are working again. It broke when I was trying to fix the Win9x freezing bug
10. A bunch of functions being execute over and over again, on every language changed (those functions were ment to be executed only once, when initializing)
11. « Stretch Pictures » toggleing bug (see fix #10) 🙂
12. All games lined-out
To fix this, delete all .dat files from « resources » folder (games files) and recreate the games list
13. Viewing parent images on clone game selection works again 🙂


1. Favorite games are now loaded from the game filters list
2. Language file updated
3. Game filters, refresh games and parental lock features unlocked when viewing favorites lists
4. Toolbar icons updated
6. Arcade controllers drop-down list, in buttons toobar (main screen), now displays the controller description
7. All .dat files from « resources » folder are deleted before creating a new games list (only necessary files, not all files)… see fix #10
8. Added progress counter for a couple processes when creating a games list, to better display the progress of parsing files, since they take a few seconds
9. Enabled the title bar’s close button in a few screens
10. File « EmuLoader.exe » is not packed with UPX anymore (it uses more memory anyway)
11. File « bios.ini » now has a complete list of all games that use bios. They are in section « games » (only master, not clones)
This is necessary since the same driver has more than one bios set:
eg.: « SegaC2 » driver has « Megaplay » and « MegaTech » bios / « ZN » has « Capcom ZN1 », « Capcom ZN2 », « TPS » and « Taito-FX1 » bios


1. « Show Favorite Games » button from buttons toolbar, main menu « View » and « Games » popup menu
2. A couple of pointless private variables that are not needed anymore (and were wasting memory)
3. « Favorite Games » option from « User Profile Editor »
4. Button « Close » from a few screens


1. Bios / CHD files detection
2. Games list loading (game filters)
3. Favorite games loading (game filters)
4. Moved two variables from public to private section (saves memory)
5. Removed a few unused codes and variables which were using memory
6. Games sorting routine
7. Create games list rountine

New Additions:

1. New game filter: « Favorites »
Favorite games option is now grouped into the game filters list (first button in buttons toolbar)

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