Créé par Shima, SSF est l’un des meilleurs émulateurs Saturn. Il fut le premier à émuler des jeux commerciaux.


– After all default is left as DirectInput
– Because there is a controller setting in the setting file for each game …
– Fixed a bug that falls when DSP Dynamic Recompile is turned off
– PCM resampling default changed to fixed point
– Also removed from optional items
– It will remain the same unless you create a new SSF.ini or edit it with a text editor
Note that if the resampling process is changed, the previous state save data cannot be used.
– Compatible with XInput
– There is an item in the Program1 tab of Option
– By default, DirectInput is used
– Try using XInput for pads that are suspicious with DirectInput
Please note that if you redefine the controller without restarting after changing Use XInput, it will not be reflected
Since it is decided whether to use DirectInput or XInput at startup, it will not be set correctly unless it is restarted


Télécharger SSF v0.12 PreviewVer R16 (68.1 Mo)

Télécharger SSF (Français) v0.12 PreviewVer R16 (53.1 Mo)

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