Un très bon frontend pour MAME.
– Added : Control for Low Latency.
– Added : You can now open MAME Classic’s App folder and Data folder from the Tools menu.
– Changed : MAME Classic no longer converts paths to their short path name.
– Changed : MAME Classic now uses your LOCALAPPDATA folder to write output, reports and temp files. Any files in the old location (MAME Classic folder) will be moved to the new location the first time you run this version. Once they are moved, you can delete the output, settings and temp folders in the MAME Classic folder. This will allow MAME Classic to be run without admin rights « if » your MAME folders are in unprotected locations.
– Changed : The ROM Directories function is now called Orphan ROM Finder.
– Changed : The Settings screen will now default to the image type of the current select machine.
– Fixed : The Audit function would report « Samples are not needed with this driver. » if the sample set was missing regardless if samples were needed or not.
– Fixed : The ROM Directories function would exit prematurely if an orphan ROM was found and you chose to move it.
– Removed : Depreciated Artwork options.


Télécharger MAME Classic v9.3.0 (2.0 Mo)

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