DS4Windows est un programme portable qui vous permet d’obtenir la meilleure expérience lors de l’utilisation d’un DualShock 4 sur votre PC, en émulant un contrôleur Xbox 360, beaucoup de jeux deviennent alors accessibles.


– Changed macro recorder to handle special case of capturing Alt keys
– Fixed values used for controller button presses in macro recorder
– Changed to now force some tabs to not be accessible while Profile Editor is open
– Improved Japanese translation. Change provided by jeek-midford
– Added « Revert to default profile on unknown process » option to auto-profile screen. Change provided by mika-n
– Added user configurable (profile) max time for rumble watchdog timer. Defaults to a disabled timer (0 value). Should help with games that hold a rumble effect for a long period of time with no update (GTA 5?). Change provided by mika-n
– Added Italian translation. Provided by RaydenX93
– Fixed invalid cast bug for Shift Action key binding in Binding window. Crash happened when updating window with current binding
– Added SuppressUnmanagedCodeSecurity to some classes that deal with COM interopt calls
– Fixed default button mapping display for TouchUpper and TouchMulti touchpad buttons
– Corrected trigger slider labels in Controller Readings tab



Télécharger DS4Windows (x86) v2.1.3 (2.2 Mo)

Télécharger DS4Windows (x64) v2.1.3 (2.2 Mo)

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