Une nouvelle version de cet excellent frontend pour MAME :

– Added a column sorting icon to the game lists.
– Added the new Lightgun and LED options.
– Fixed some issues involving resorting on a new column, exiting, restarting and then having the same game that was highlighted when you exited highlighted upon restarting…I think.
– Fixed the problem where the bottom of the program would be cut off if your desktop was configured with a large Titlebar…such as the default theme for Windows XP.
– Improved the bad sets search. You just have to push the button once and it will list all bad sets and give you the option to print this list to your default printer.
– Reworked the tab order.
– You can now display your own custom splash screen image. Simply put a .jpg image of your choice in the MAME Classic directory named splash.jpg. It should be the same size as the form (446 by 288) because the form will not resize. NOTE: My labels such as the game count and version will still appear in there designated areas.
– Fixed a bug that would cause the program to error and end under the following condition…Autorun was enabled, MAME Classic was maximized, you started MAME Classic and it went right into a game and then you hit the ESC key to end the game.

Télécharger VBALink 1.8.0 Beta 0 (551,8 Ko)

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