Raine est un émulateur Arcade/NeoGeoCD ainsi qu’une excellente alternative à MAME.


En résumé:
So here is directly raine 0.90.2, probably the ultimate version, I guess a 1.0 version would use sdl2, but there are tons of things to rewrite, it could be done quicker by writing something less efficient but it’s not the way of raine, so it will probably never happen, at least not any time soon.
The link is as usual there for the download page : http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html
For those who missed it, the huge change in 0.90 explaining the huge jump in version numbers is finally the availability of a pure C version, which can then be compiled in 64 bits and which is totally portable to anything then, that’s the big problem with asm, portability.
Except that the other big thing is that raine knows how to find some roms on internet (from the internet archives for those which are officially hosted there). All the neogeo roms are available. From a fresh install with an empty rom directory, this version is able to download any neogeo game + its bios if required.
I had to reinstall my cross compiler to create these binaries, so I created a topic on the subject in case it’s useful to anyone who would want to do the same, and so that I don’t forget if I have to do this again one day… the advantage is that last time I had only a 64 bits compiler for windows, this time the 32 bits version is back too, so you get 2 versions at the same time, normally there shouldn’t be a noticeable difference between the 2, but inside they are totally different, a ton of asm code for the 32 bits one, and only C and C++ for the 64 bits one.
Ah also if you ever want to use some japenese character in the gui, you need to change the default font to something containing japenese characters, there is a separate topic for that in the forum, I can’t provide such a font because most of them are not free, and they are huge compared to the Vera font ! + it’s easy to replace, most of the fonts in the default windows fonts directory should work.
I also uploaded a version of the history.dat file in the extras section with the names fixed for raine where I found any problem, also it’s much smaller than the official file, just install it in the raine directory if you are interested, and then you get info from the About section when a game is loaded.
There are also quite a few fixes as usual in this 0.90 branch, I won’t describe everything here, go see the git log if you are interested…
It should be the last raine version normally, unless we get 6 months of confinement and I get really too bored !


Rappel des principaux changements:
– Fixed: It calls itself Raine32 instead of Raine64 (raine.h only, I keep the config file raine32-sdl.cfg for compatibility).
– Fixed: The Q-sound logo is corrupted (Alien vs Predator). It was a bug in the video C functions, I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to test them, so it could affect a lot of games actually, all sprites which are not 16×16 and which use flip (x or y) are affected.
– Fixed: MS pacman (6 maps) is buggy – the 2nd screen is corrupt and you die at the start of the level. 2 things here, the buggy look of the level is the way it is, the most annoying point in my opinion are the invisible super pills, the ones that normally blink, here they show at the start of the level, then disappear but are still there… Also the moving bonuses can pass through walls sometimes ! Maybe I shouldn’t have kept this one, but I was curious… it’s playable anyway.
And your crash seems to happen only in windows, it’s a read outside the rom limits, but I wonder how windows does its allocations, normally such a read should land in the gfx zone and so return a value without crashing anything, that’s what happens in linux. Go figure… anyway it’s fixed too, this kind of read affect mspacman and its clones, plus pacman25 (from the comments about it).
– just got an idea of a perl script which helped me to find about 25 games broken with musashi and easily fixable, so updated the binary with this, and here is 0.90.1 (don’t expect any other update this fast !)
– The big news except the new cpu emulators is the support for internet archive roms with curl, which means raine will try to download a rom from internet archive if it’s not available on disk. A lot of things are missing, it’s not done for collectors who want everything, but it’s much better than the very few roms which are really free (f3demo and f2demo, that’s all ?). Here you have all the neogeo roms, some cps roms, and a few roms like 64street.
– drivers updates :
*pbobble2 becomes pbobble2o, and add pbobble2 v2.30 (I didn’t see any improvement to this one and I even wonder if it’s really a newer version).
*bubsymph & bubsymphu disappear and are replaced by the region switch for bublbob2 which is much nicer for me. Also :
the old bublbob2 which was version 2.50 becomes bublbob2o
*add the new v2.60 as bublbob2
*add the prototype as bublbob2p (it’s an interesting prototype for once, it’s like bublbobl but with the 68020 features).
*The pixel layer emulation is redone because of this game in taito f3, you get better colors, and some experimental strange line scroll effect, afaik it’s only visible in the buble boble 2 prototype, the values are strange I should look into it some more later.
*syvalion was fixed, its mouse control was broken, making it almost unplayable
*more cpu power to arkanoid2, just to make it more fun when the screen is covered with balls… !
*prevent rodland & megablast to crash when loaded
*There was a fix for garou in neocd which was reverted because it was creating to many problems elsewhere. Problem is I lost the details of the garou bug (and the savegame), so I tried a few things, for me it works but I can’t be sure.
– hiscore.dat : the new mame format is also supported (but the old one too, and at the same time !), and it tries to detect when its area is cleared (after a reset or service mode for example, and can survive it now).
– Planned : I might try to switch to sdl2 for windows users and their fullscreen problem, but sdl2 is not an evolution of sdl1.2, it’s more a new lib which happens to have a very few things in common with sdl1.2. Which means that if I add support for that, it will be like a revolution, I’ll have to get rid of a lot of things and eventually re-add them later differently. So it will be a big mess. For now no promise.

maj: Ajoutons à cela le delta de cette version 0.90.3 par rapport à la précédente version 0.90.2 sortie en novembre 2019.

maj 2: 0.90.4: For info, a new bug was just fixed, when loading a neocd game which changes its resolution after being loaded you got a totally distorted screen.
maj 3: Ok, added 2020, it gives me an excuse to call this one 0.90.5, even if the fix inside is really for the 64 bits version and specific to cps2.


Télécharger Raine (32 bits) v0.91.4 (5.5 Mo)

Télécharger Raine (64 bits) v0.91.4 (5.9 Mo)

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