Un émulateur de Sinclair Zx Spectrum.

– 50hz/60hz bit now set in NextReg 5
-debug added to the command line. You can now « start » in the debugger.
– Minor Fix to 60Hz audio
– Fixed AY partial port decoding
– Fixed a minor reset stall when it was waiting on a HALT before the reset
– NextReg 0x8c added
– NextReg 0x8e added
– Added AltRom1 support
– Fixed a serial port « send » bug. Now sends the whole byte
– Fixed tile attribute byte bit 7 – top bit of palette offset was being ignored
– Fixed esxDOS date/time function (M_GETDATE $8E)
– NEX file 1.3 now parsed… should load more things
– NEX files get IRQs switched off when loaded (as per machine)
– Fixed esxDOS date is wrong
– Fixed Border colour now sets the palette entry as well
– Fixed GetRegister() in plugins not working
– Fixed Copper run then loop not working
– Fixed Top line (in 256 pixel high view) is missing
– Fixed DI followed by HALT should stop the CPU
– Fixed Hires tilemap has clipping on far right
– F8 not steps over conditional jumps and branches that go backwards. Branches forwards are taken
– Fixed ADD HL/DE/BC,A no longer affects flags
– Fixed OUTI so that B is decemented first. (OTIR was already like that)
– Minor change to 60hz audio
– NextReg 0x69 can now be read
– DMA Continue mode added
– Fixed a timing issue with DMA, so timing much better


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