Il s’agit d’un émulateur multi-plateformes qui supporte les machines suivantes: ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, QL, Z88, Timex TS 2068, Sam Coupe, Pentagon 128, Chloe 140 SE, Chloe 280 SE, ZX-Uno, Prism, TBBlue/ZX, Spectrum Next, Jupiter Ace, Amstrad CPC 464, MSX1, Spectravideo 318/328, Colecovision, Sega SG-1000.

– Added pc speaker audio driver (for Linux only)
– Added General Sound emulation
– Added compile setting to disable networking functions
– Added date & time field info to ZSF snapshots
– Added configuration & command line setting to save keymap type
– Added some file converters: from SNA, SP, Z80, P, ZSF to SCR

Improved QL emulation:
– Added sound emulation
– Guessing of file name extension
– Show all registers on Debug CPU window
– Support ZSF snapshots

Improved TBBlue emulation:
– Added emulation of tbblue joystick type (register 5)
– Added sprite zoom emulation
– Added relative sprites emulation
– Added sprite clipping emulation

Improved ZX Desktop:
– Added direct buttons, to access menu items
– Added devices buttons/icons, to show device activity and device configuration
– Added F-key to close all open menus
– Reordered menu items
– Windows are not closed when changing ZX Desktop size
– Added new ZX Desktop fill types: RainbowAlive, Chess, Grid, Random
– Improved input number windows: added buttons to increase/decrease values
– Now backgrounded windows can be seen even with menu closed (added a setting and also a F-key)

Improved ZRCP:
– Added MMU information to cpu-history and get-registers commands
– Added ZRCP command qdos-get-open-files: to get open files from QL QDOS

Improved debugging:
– Added debug console as a menu window
– Added MMU information when viewing cpu registers on terminal console
– Improved Waveform window: Now can show left & right channels
– Improved 1 bit resample audio filter
– Improved loading .pok files: increased maximum pokes from 100 to 49152 pokes
– Improved File Browser: added previews for screens (on .scr, .tap, .tzx, .pzx, .trd, .dsk, .sna, .sp, .z80, .p, .zsf)
– Improved ZENG: Added setting to reconnect after retry failed sending

Fixed QL bugs:
– Fixed loading QL Superbasic programs when line lenght usually longer than 128 bytes
– Fixed loading executable files, can even exec/exec_w files without QDOS header
– Fixed possible hang calling IO.SSTRG
– Fixed using QL system calls and A6 pointer offset used after previous Trap was not 4
– Fixed RTC emulation
– Fixed frame interrupt
– Fixed cursor flashing
– Fixed listing (dir) call
– Fixed reading keyboard when menu open
– Fixed reading keys on SDL and X11 drivers with default keymap and machines QL, MSX and Spectravideo
– Fixed panic when changing machines and having ZX Desktop windows opened
– Fixed panic when initializing audio and video drivers
– Fixed panic extracting tap when invalid block
– Fixed restoring machine to msx, coleco, sg1000 and svi
– Fixed showing last core frame time in Core Statistics window
– Fixed easter egg and cyrillic characters
– Fixed rendering ZX Desktop on startup
– Fixed arranging ZX Vision windows when changing machine or disabling border
– Fixed open error when extracting tap with Spectrum names with ‘/’

– Some other minor bugfixes and improvements


Télécharger ZEsarUX v9.1 (36.9 Mo)

Télécharger ZEsarUX (Legacy) v9.1 (36.6 Mo)

Télécharger ZEsarUX Extra v9.1 (147.9 Mo)

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