Il s’agit d’une nouvelle version de Fightcade qui utilise des émulateurs à jour + GGPO pour le netplay. Celui-ci est basé sur la version originale de GGPO mais avec quelques améliorations.
Les émulateurs pris en charges sont:
– Fightcade FBNeo (dernière version, GGPO)
– Fightcade FBA (ancienne version, GGPO)
– Fightcade SNES9X (GGPO)
– NullDC
– Flycast


Les changements depuis la version 2.0.12 (qui était une béta) sont:

December 2, 2020

02/12 Update (Fightcade v2.0.95)

FcadeFBNeo v0.2.97.44-30
- Fix sf2mix, update to v0.97

FcadeFlycast v0.2.4
- Optimized build

December 1, 2020

01/12 Update (Fightcade v2.0.94)

FcadeFBNeo v0.2.97.44-30
- Fixed NES aspect ratio by setting 4:3 Dipswitch as default
- Added hide ROM Warnings toggle (Options -> Hide ROM Warnings)
- Fixed potential crash in sfa3 stage select
- Do not auto switch to fullscreen when spectating a game or if using -w as parameter
- Fix crash in sfiii3nr1 rom if Ken neutral grabs Makoto and kills (the Makoto fix)
- Refactor commandline, now you can load lua + savestate (fcadefbneo.exe savestate.fs script.lua) or any other combination
- Increased timeout for LUA calls
- Added sf2cemix (hack)
- Added vampjbh (hack)
- Updated ssf2tnl (hack) to v0.4
- Added hsf2 detector and ranked channel
+ Savestate updates:
- ssf2tnl: set to Turbo0 per request by Born2SPD
- nes_joymechfight: all characters unlocked

FcadeSNES9x v1.60-2
- Enable ReduceInputLag & Input:Background on default config for new installs

FcadeFlycast v0.2.4
- Internal Delay Selection & Detection before Game Load
- Explicit Dialogs for Connection Status
- Test Game Mode w/ Settings & Launch Game 
+ Dipswitch Updates:
- Marvel vs Capcom 2: Damage Scaling Fixed
- The Rumble Fish 2: All Characters Unlocked

- Allow more than 50 favourites, with search filter options like in regular search (Patreons only for now, any tier)
- Introducing the report button, this will be a slow rolling out process (and WIP)
- Context menu when hovering user names in chat, so you can easily challenge, view profile or ignore any user
- Toggle to disable Auto AFK, in settings
- REPLAY and STATS are now permanent links on top, removed from Motd
- Added SNES hacks: TMNTTF Champion Edition, Sailor Moon Fighter S, Sailor Moon S Big Zam Edition, Ranma ½ Hard Battle II - Super Move Hustle

FRM v0.4.1
- create output folder in "copy_to" if it doesn't exist

November 12, 2020

12/11 Update (Fightcade v2.0.91)

FcadeFBNeo v0.2.97.44-29
- load lua from commandline (just specify lua\filename.lua in commandline as last argument)
- send frame inputs to before_emulation step in lua, fixed lua stack in on_gui step and other hooks
- allow frame advance function (new hotkey in the inputs settings page)
- fix Autoswitch to Fullscreen, working in Test Game and Online play
- fixed China Gate p1/p2 bindings
- fixed Dragon Gun and Violent Storm dipswitches to allow online play
- enabled blood/violence on mk2 online play (forced dipswitches)
- disable runahead in spectator mode
- new game detectors (list WIP, thanks all!)
- added Mortal Kombat arcade support
- added more NES games

FcadeSNES9x v1.60-2
- fix compatibility for Windows7
- improved GGPO netcode, better rollback implementation, new render loop
- still needs more polish, especially during rollbacks, and sound may crack a bit
- make sure to disable sound sync

FcadeFlycast v8.1-1843
- Sega Dreamcast, Naomi and Atomiswave emulator
- Added delay-based netplay support to Flycast (thanks @blueminder!!!)
- Still WIP (spectate/replay will come soon!)

FRM v0.4
- add support for Flycast

October 24, 2020

24/10 Small update (Fightcade v2.0.87)

FBNeo (v0.2.97.44-28)
- Partial revert of input polling during rollbacks (will happen only on last frame)
- Added 32:9 aspect ratio to auto detection (by request, please if you have a custom monitor with unsupported aspect ratio share in feedback channel)
- Fixed mk2 netplay (disabled forced test dipswitch)
- Added missing "Mute ingame chat" option in Fightcade / Video menu options

October 22, 2020

22/10 update (Fightcade v2.0.86)

FBNeo (v0.2.97.44-28)
- LUA support
- Kof98 random mood (thanks hiihii)
- Sfa3 stage select (thanks volkann)
- Add mute option to ingame chat (Video / Fightcade / Mute Chat toggle)
- Preemptive fix for m68000 cpu savestate, might fix some desyncs?
- Preemptive fix for input drops during rollbacks + faster input polling
- Fix gaiden and taitoF3 p1/p2 bindings
- Fixed slowdown during chat
- Character detectors for various games (thanks all!)
- RAW memory detector for game detectors (please ask in detector channels)
- Ssf2xj1 set to Turbo1 again

Snes9x (v1.60-1)
- Updated to Snes9x 1.60, improved GGPO netcode

- Replaced tws96 for twsoc96
- Added mk2 (Mortal Kombat II arcade) channel, untested
- Added tgm2p detector and ranked channel
- Added aof2 detector and ranked channel (thanks Killerjag)()

September 11, 2020

11/09 Small update (Fightcade v2.0.81)

- Fix: FRM to detect invalid zip files
- Fix: chat history log saving when spectating or viewing replays
- Fix: incorrect redfps warnings
- Fix: replays not working properly
- Brought back fc1 channels until we think of a better way to workaround some of the issues

September 10, 2020

10/09 Update (Fightcade v2.0.80)

Emulator -
- Fixed subpixel accuracy render in UI (to accomodate custom UIs properly)
- Fixed drivers galaxian and sys18 P1/P2 binding issues (online)
- Fixed SMS P1/P2 binding issues (online)
- Fightcade overlay text saver will save game characters detected in sfiii3nr1 and ssf2xjr1 
- New detectors and ranked channels -> kizuna, msh, mshvsf, mvsc, redearth, xmcota, xmvsf (thanks everyone involved!)
- Debug detector mode can count scores now, and can detect characters too (ask on #fbneo-detectors if you want to extract character information from any game, multi character games like kof not supported yet)
- Merged from FBNeo: thread priority is now process priority (might help boosting the game if you have performance issues)
- Merged from FBNeo: k054539: add delay(echo) effect
- Copy flag contents and trigger file timestamp change when saving overlay flags (so OBS updates properly)
- Toggle to log ingame chat to a file, check Video -> Fightcade options
- Made emulator version compatibility fix, so replays prior to 3/9 can still be replayed without desyncs

Other fixes
- Fix updater for install paths with weird characters
- Fix for rare edge case when connecting 2 players
- Osx: updated digital signature
- New smkartu savestate
- Added tgm2p, replace for tgm2
- New kof98 savestate (no blood)
- Removed some old fc1 channels()

September 3, 2020

03/09 Update (Fightcade v2.0.77)

- New savestate for kizuna
- New savestate for aof: Mr. Big and Mr. Karate unlocked
- New savestate for smkartu (snes): 150cc Cup and Special Cup unlocked, all gold medals
- New savestate for sfa3 ranked: only Classic Mode unlocked (green screen unlock)
- Updated savestate for ssf2xjr1: changed speed to JP turbo2
- Updated savestate for kof98: max credits
(Thanks to everyone who contributed in #fbneo-savestates )

Emulator -
- Fixed P1/P2 player mappings in more games (wwfwfest, system18, galaxian, suna16)
- Fix to ignore runahead setting in tgm2 & tgm2p to avoid desync
- New detectors (Thanks to everyone who contributed in #fbneo-detectors )
- Make DSound the default audio plugin on both updates & new installs
- Make AutoFrameskip=OFF the default setting on new installs

- Improved user profile pages (still work in progress )
- Notify outdated clients that require a manual update
+ Other minor fixes and enhancements...()

Small bugfix update (Fightcade v2.0.78):
- Windows: Fix Fightcade1 client not able to connect.

August 20, 2020

Small bugfix update (Fightcade v2.0.74):
- Windows: Fix broken shortcuts on windows installer
- Windows: Fix installation of redistributables (dx9 & vc++)
- Linux/Mac: Force modeless menu by default()

August 19, 2020

19/08 Update (Fightcade v2.0.73):

Emulator -
- Fixed frameskipping, now smoother than before, even on slow PCs. If it was working slow for you, try again
- Fixed some rare input drops
- New revamped renderer, please use the DX9Alternate version from now on, much better than SoftFX, and now more compatible
- New renderer is capable of using custom resolutions for CRT users
- New non exclusive fullscreen for streamers. If that still desyncs for you, use the new Borderless Window option in the DX9 blitter options
- Added vsync option to both windowed and fullscreen (doesn't interfere with netplay, but adds 1f of lag at least)
- Refactored DX9 renderer so it doesn't produce black backgrounds when streaming in OBS
- Refactored menus, now visible in OSX and Linux. Use modeless menu option in Misc if menus don't work in OSX/Linux
- Fightcade overlay exports now saves country as name and as png flags, ranks saved as letters
- New CRT Bicubic shader (DX9Alt)
- Fix for ingame chat unicode text not rendering completely (DX9Alt)
- Add score overlay and ping to SoftFX (not that you will want to use this ever again)
- F3 resets detector status so it doesn't trigger random wins in specific games (kof96)
- Added support for MartialMaster Community Patch (
- Fixed WWF games for p1 / p2 online play, and also a good chunk of taito games with the same issue

- Fix crash when fcade.exe can't reach backend
- Add snes9x support to frm
- Fixed win8.1 issues in frm
- Fightcade1: fix "can't execute script main" error when darkorange theme was selected()

August 18, 2020
18/08 Update (Fightcade v2.0.72):

- Fixed frontend chat range issues: disappearing challenges, disappearing/locked text
- Remove @channel notification
- Better anti spam
- Fixed a rare crash in the backend and other bug fixes
- Performance tools for heavy load diagnose

Current plan is to only update backend mid week, being it Tuesday or Wednesday. This involves booting people, and private lobbies need to be recreated.
Game services can be hot live updated and games won't be interrupted()

August 15, 2020
In final tests (Fightcade v2.0.71):
Fix frontend chat range issues, disappearing challenges, disappearing/locked text, remove @channel notification, more moderation tools
Emulator improvements: revamped dx9 renderer, switchable fullscreen without desync, vsync (window/fs), fixed some rare input drops, new stream overlay info (countries), added Martial Masters Community Patch, fixed WWF p1/p2 controls for online (and other Taito games), new bicubic shader fx, fix ingame chat disappearing chars, softfx overlay missing info (ping, scores in unranked)
Fix for a very rare backend game service crash

Investigate heavy load bottlenecks, slow server responses (ddbb, backend)
Investigate failed punch hole (black screens)
Investigate spec slow downs in CPS3 games

Short term backlog
Add search filter to replays pages
Lots of backend and ddbb work, graphs, indexing, optimizations

Waiting to deploy
Motd, savestates()

July 9, 2020
09/07 Update (Fightcade pre-release):

2.0.12 to 2.0.70+
Lot of fixes and improvements



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