Un émulateur d’Amstrad CPC écrit en C++ et en assembleur.


Les changements depuis la 2.0:
– Available also for Linux-x86 (32 Bit) and (soon) Linux-ARM64 (64 Bit)
– Further features of CRTC (types 0 and 1) and Gate Array implemented (e. g. behaviour of register 6, and the colours)
– User interface improved: text size on Android and iOS, Drag & Drop of DSK files on Windows, MacOS and Linux
– The versions for Android and iOS accept DSK and ZIP files from other applications (e. g. downloads from the browser)
– Further features of the disk controller (FDC) implemented (Orion Prime in the 4 disk version loads correctly now)
– Multiple improvements (e. g. autostart, green monitor, cassette relay)


Télécharger CPCEMU (Win) v2.1 (3.1 Mo)

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