Nouvelle release de cet émulateur Atari ST : This is a bit sooner than intended but Steem v3.1 has been released. Mostly this version is here to fix a few small bugs that appeared in v3, but we fixed a few more old bugs while we were at it.

Emulation Bugs :

– Hard drive Pexec mode 4 bug (Devpac, Turbo Assembler).
– Hard drive double intercept bug.
– Hard drive seek bug (Spacola).
– Joystick fire when mouse enabled bug (Starglider).
– More unusual characters allowed in hard drive filenames.
– Fixed hard drive file times.
– Video address write bug (Ambition Demo, Apathetic Games).

Other Bugs :

– Fixed NT LPT port access slowdown.
– Fixed port repeating output byte when offline bug.
– Extract archive to hard drive folder bug fixed.

New Feature :

– Take screenshot button

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