Il s’agit d’un émulateur multi-plateformes qui supporte les machines suivantes: ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, QL, Z88, Timex TS 2068, Sam Coupe, Pentagon 128, Chloe 140 SE, Chloe 280 SE, ZX-Uno, Prism, TBBlue/ZX, Spectrum Next, Jupiter Ace, Amstrad CPC 464, MSX1, Spectravideo 318/328, Colecovision, Sega SG-1000.

-Added SamRam Gerton Lunter interface emulation
-Added new ZX-Uno Prism video mode
-Added Dandanator storage button icon
-Added alternate Jupiter ACE rom
-Added another fourth easter egg 😉
-Added read only setting for esxdos handler
-Added setting to redefine joystick fire key
-Added midi output instrument selector
-Added Debug action to set PC register to zero
-Added command line setting –copy-file-to-mmc to be able to copy files to a mmc image before starting ZEsarUX
-Added ZRCP command realtape-open

Improved ZX-Uno emulation:
-Updated BIOS, Flash and ESXDOS (ESXDOS now runs 0.8.6 final version)
-Added command line setting –zxuno-initial-64k to allow loading a initial 64kb block in bootm mode, bypassing the normal boot rom

Improved TBBlue emulation:
-Added .snx snapshot support
-Added debug window to enable/disable individual sprites
-Added relative sprite type composite/unified on sprite navigator
-Added Sprites Debug memory zone
-Optimize sprite rendering (saving 1% cpu on my computer)

Improved CPC emulation:
-Added video scanlines rendering (A.K.A. Real Video)
-Joystick emulation
-Stereo emulation

Improved File utilities Browser:
-Added support for browsing inside FAT filesystem disk images (.img, .mmc, .ide, etc)
-Detect when source and target directories are the same when moving or copying
-Show more info in some file viewers (.sna, .p, .o, etc)
-Added .nex file viewer
-Added copy and delete entire folder
-Added SCR to TXT file converter

Improved Debug CPU Window:
-Can load a source code
-Tell when a condition is satisfied or not
-Detecting when running a esxdos call, using the esxdos handler, and doing step over

Improved ZX Vision menu interface:
-Added Turbo Vision GUI style
-Added ZEsarUX Matte GUI style
-Added GUI Style Selector menu
-Added GUI Test Style
-Added key Shift+Cursor Right to switch to another window
-Added action to minimize all windows
-Added setting to ignore mouse click to open the menu
-Added more utf-8 characters support
-Added setting to show files in hexa+ascii using file viewer

Improved all-to-pixel text rendering:
-Allow 1:1 scale
-Allow to set window size and offsets in characters

Improved Speccy online browser:
-now uses ZXinfo API V3
-uses SSL SNI when downloading files

-Improved Frameskip algorithm
-Improved Core statistics: Add info about frames drawn & dropped
-Improved Hex Editor: can now be backgrounded
-Improved Debug I/O ports window: can now be backgrounded and it’s reloaded continuously
-Improved File spooling: delay can now be any value between 20 and 2000 ms (in increments of +20)
-Improved File Browser: added file size information
-Improved cocoa (Mac) driver: allows distinguish between left and right Ctrl key, and left and right Alt key
-Improved panic screen: added countdown timer, extended to ZX Desktop

Fixed ZX-Uno bugs:
-Fixed bugs on mmc and flash storage layer which prevented to update bios, esxdos rom or entire flash from the BIOS
-Fixed chloe mmu mapping: bootm has priority. If bootm=1, can’t map chloe. If bootm=0, can be chloe or +2a

Fixed TBBlue bugs:
-Fixed relative sprites: when anchor sprite is not visible, negative coordinates, detecting unified/composite, mirror, rotation
-Fixed 4bpp sprites: pattern calculating, transparency, anchor
-Fixed clipping (affected scrollnutter demo in the right round corners)
-Fixed writing on divmmc memory when layer2 active

Fixed CPC bugs:
-Fixed vsync and hsync interrupts
-Fixed border colour
-Fixed AY chip register selection
-Fixed CRTC interrupts. After a CRTC interrupt with Z80 interrupts disabled, they were not fired when enabling Z80 interrupts
-Fixed setting bit 4 of the « Select screen mode and rom configuration » register of the Gate-Array and interrupt request
-Fixed RETURN key

Fixed IDE commands which affected almost all IDE firmwares: fatware, mdos, etc:
-Fixed IDE command ECH Identify Drive
-Fixed IDE command 91H Initialize Drive Parameters
-Fixed annoying flickering in menu using XWindows video driver
-Fixed Mac OS retina display window
-Fixed Mac OS full screen
-Fixed loading General Sound rom
-Fixed segfaults on fileselector +3 DSK screen previews using Speedlock protected disks or bad disks
-Fixed segfaults on fileselector TRD screen previews using protected disks or bad disks
-Fixed receiving large snapshots on ZRCP/ZENG
-Fixed pixel color on text all-to-pixel text rendering (color inversion)
-Fixed DivIDE/DivMMC mapram behaviour
-Fixed some GUI style colours

– Some other minor bugfixes and improvements


Télécharger ZEsarUX v9.2 (37.1 Mo)

Télécharger ZEsarUX (Legacy) v9.2 (36.8 Mo)

Télécharger ZEsarUX Extra v9.2 (149.9 Mo)

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