Une nouvelle version de non frontend fétiche 🙂

Version 2.5 release info:
– New : Added ‘Clone of’ column.
– New : Added ‘Auto re-initialise roms’ option. When enabled EasyMame will auto search for roms when a new Mame binary and/or roms-folder is selected. (Default Enabled)
– New : Added ‘Reset favorites’ option. Resets the favorites list after re-initialising roms. (Default Disabled)
– Improved : Listview code has partly been rewritten in pure assembler code. Resulting in about 20% speed increase when switching lists. Thanks to Phil Woods for the help on this one.
– Improved : When no snapshot can be found of a cloned game, Easymame will display the original game snapshot when available. (Same with history.dat and mameinfo.dat)
– Fixed : ‘List index out of bounds’ error after resetting counters (Only occured with empty favorites list)

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