Advance MESS est une version non-officiel de MESS spécialement conçu pour l’affichage TV avec beaucoup d’options d’affichage, quelques petits changement niveaux émulation par rapport à la version officiel.

* In Linux the hardware ports are always accessed directly if
the program is run as root. Otherwise is used the /dev/port
* Removed the green bars when using the video overlay.
* Added support for recent Radeon boards 9600/9700/9800 at
the DOS version.
* Fixed the MNG recording.
* The `input_dipswitch[difficulty]’ option now always override
the `misc_difficulty’ option.
* Added a new `device_alsa_device’ option to select the ALSA
output device.
* Removed the initial audio tick with the ALSA and OSS drivers.

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Télécharger AdvanceMESS (Win) (0,0 O)

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