Ce nouveau plugin, basé sur glN64 v0.4.1 (lui même basé sur Orkin’s OpenGL v0.01a), est créé par Orkin et est destiné aux émulateurs N64. Il demande au minimum de posséder DirectX 9 et de préférence d’avoir une carte graphique supportant les pixels shaders 1.1 voir 2.0. Par conséquent l’avenir du Plugin glN64 devient plus qu’incertain.

Les nouveautés depuis le précédent build (cf: ici):

– Fixed a few more bugs, and updated the ZIP file:
– Changed TEX_EDGE mode detection method (Paper Mario sprites bug fixed)
– Added a combiner hack to fix Majora’s Mask pause screen with new TEX_EDGE detection method
– Improved texture rectangle texture coordinate generation when using a frame buffer texture (doesn’t blur the background in Zelda pause screens)
– Fixed a bug that caused slow-downs when changing microcodes mid-ROM (Majora’s Mask motion blur faster now).
– Fixed a matrix bug that could show up in some games (i.e. Diddy Kong Racing)

– Here we go again. Re-download to get the following updates:
– Updated the Banjo-Tooie shadow hack
– Fixed a bug that caused alpha to get messed up when lighting was enabled (1080 Snowboarding board selection)
– Improved TEX_EDGE support (1080 Snowboarding character-selection)
– Improved OrkinSampling stability somewhat
– Improved resolution switching, shouldn’t be as troublesome as before
– Removed some old code that was messing up cards with PS less than 1.4, it should work now (still untested)

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