Manu vient de sortir la version 0.40.3 de cet émulateur arcade, dont voici les améliorations:

This was supposed to be a bugfix only release :

– fixed the savegame crash in rainbow island
– improved the speed hack for daioh and a few other seta games to avoid all the slow downs
– fixed a ridiculous bug in the gunbird driver where if a sound was repeated a few times, you could hear it only the first time. It’s a real shame that I didn’t find this one earlier…

Then I had the bad idea to pay attention to sound. It had become rather bad in linux, and I didn’t know why. It was as if we were using a sound driver from 1 year ago at least. The problem does not exist in win32 (and I suppose it does not exist in dos neither). It’s because in linux allegro is not reliable anymore for a few low level functions to handle samples.

While looking for the problem, I took the latest version of the fm driver from mame, but of course it didn’t change this bug. The sound should be slightly different in a few games now though.

I now use a sdl sound driver in linux and win32, this driver is much more precise than the old allegro sound driver, and before it the seal sound driver.

This change in the sound drivers is a big rewrite, I even changed the code for the timers. Normally there are no bugs left… I hope so at least !

Les versions linux et win32 utilisent donc à partir de maintenant un driver SDL pour la partie son ! Vous aurez besoin du fichier sdl.dll dans votre répertoire Windows.

Tout l’émulateur va sans doute être porté en SDL, donc à moins de gros problèmes avec cette version, n’attendez rien de nouveau avant pas mal de temps. Bye bye allegro…

Télécharger Raine (Dos) v0.64.8-4 (1,7 Mo)

Télécharger Raine (Win) v0.64.16 (3,0 Mo)

En savoir plus…