Barry « mahlemiut » Rodewald a sorti une nouvelle version officieuse de Mame. (Quoi ? encore ?).
Cette version, basée sur Mame+, est dédiée à l’enregistrement des INP, on ne s’étonne donc pas qu’elle soit hébergée sur MARP.

– Now with version-based filenames – for those who want it all in one folder.
– Pretty much everything from MAME 0.83 and MAME Plus 0.83
– Disabled when recording:
– Pause
– Graphics/Tilemap display (method of pausing)
– State saving (another method of pausing)
– Autofire toggle key (can still be used through the menus, are you quick enough?)
– Speed throttle toggle key
– Quit dialog
– Speed saved in the INP
– Version stored in INP header for checking the version that made the recording.
– Various other pieces of information stored in the INP header.
– Added -allownvram/-noallownvram switch for allowing NVRAM to be used when recording.
-noallownvram is the default.
– Regular format INPs can be played back now. Do note that there is no guarantee that
regular MAME INPs will work, although some do. Neo Geo games definitely don’t. MAME
Plus Neo Geo INPs are unlikely to work either as WolfMAME doesn’t compile in the hacks in this driver.

– Driver changes:
– drivers/rohga.c: Other characters are selectable in Wizard Fire/Dark Seal
– drivers/psikyo.c: Fixed slowdowns in Battle K-Road [also included in MAME Plus now]
– drivers/polyplay.c: mame_rand() fix [included in MAME Plus now]

En gros elle est plus propre concernant les enregistrements/playbacks de vos parties, donc si vous êtes fiers de vos high scores, faites le avec une version spécifique.

MAME Action Replay Page

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