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ClrMamePro 3.32d. Quickly added some requests…now back to real life…

fixed: nodump handling buttons available even if no nodump exist
misc: copy-all-setmessages to clipboard doesn’t add the stats anymore (It’s annoying ;))
misc: yes/yes4all/no/..dialog shows (long) information in an editbox now. So even long entries are visible.
misc: compiled with updated ziparchive class
misc: quick chd tests includes sectormap tests…makes it a little bit slower…but avoids from using dummy-chd placeholders
misc: stopping a chdverifyrun gives you a chance to stop the scan, too
misc: urls & extensions in urls(xx).ini can use %S and %R as placeholders for currently selected Setname and/or Romname (or Sample/Diskimage).

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