Il s’agit d’un émulateur PC-Engine en cours de développement, le but est d’émulé le CDRom v2. Voici les nouveautés:

– (Probably) supported hi-resolution screen mode (works OK on the « HiRes Slideshow » demo by Chris Covell)
– Improved PSG sound (some bugs left)
– Changed BRAM file name from « bram.bin » to « BRAM.DAT »
– Improved emulation of VDC registers $0C, $0D, and $0E
– Changed VRAM-SATB DMA timing
– VRAM-SATB DMA taking extra CPU cycles is disabled on this version
– Pressing F5/F7 will save/load state of emulation (mainly for debug purpose)
– Pressing F6/F8 will record/playback game play
– File names containing space(s) can be specified using «  »
– Rewritten the input code
– CPU cycles per scanline is set back to 455 (as the number of scanlines per frame seems to be 262)
– Main function now runs on a different thread
– Some configurations are now saved/restored

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