Un émulateur de Sinclair Zx Spectrum.

– Fixed Layer 2, 320×256 right clipping
– Fixed a sprite clip bug that was causing a hard crash
– Optimised sprite rendering a little
– Adding better streaming support through esxDOS
– Adding in better config mode support
– Copper can now generate IRQs properly
– Fixed stackless NMIs
– Fixed some DIVMMC RAM/ROM stuff
– Fixed some DIVMMC address paging
– Fixed a debugger memory window crash
– First pass at a sprite viewer
– Fixed « EQUs » being used as debugger address symbols
– Added NextReg $B2 for extended MD Pad buttons
– Fixed DMA continuous mode when also in Prescaler mode – though, please don’t do this! 😀 Note: This is a total fudge, it may break.
– Fixed DMA status register. DMA End flag, and 1 byte transferred flag now works.


Télécharger #CSpect v2.19.5.1 (2.9 Mo)

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