Une nouvelle version du populaire client irc mIRC est disponible et corrige de nombreux bugs.

1.Fixed $did().seltext/text bug.
2.Fixed /hinc /hdec result message bug.
3.Fixed $ssl not being set correctly if not connected to a server.
4.Fixed $chr(160) SJIS/JIS gpf bug.
5.Fixed while/continue/break bugs.
6.Fixed /filter -ntk returning incorrect line numbers.
7.Fixed mdi window display bug with maximized windows.
8.Fixed /list -min -max values being offset by one.
9.Fixed URLs list sort bug for ? items.
10.Fixed $serverip not working in on disconnect event.
11.Fixed handling of different server formats for numeric 328.
12.Added $input() option ‘u’, makes input dialog use currently
active window as the parent window, including custom dialogs.
13.Fixed $result not working in $iif() and some other identifiers.
14.Fixed :error detection not working for /splay and /alias
15.Fixed dcc get open folder bug when filename contains commas.
16.SJIS/JIS is now applied to messages only if you have a window
open that uses the SJIS charset, as in previous versions.
17.Added /if iswmcs case-sensitive wildcard match comparison.
18.The $pnick and $play(1).pos values are now updated after the
on PLAYEND event is triggered.
19.Fixed /alias reporting incorrect error message when alias
can’t be removed.
20.Fixed /filter incorrectly retaining indentations in lines.
21.The $ifmatch identifier now returns the value of the previous
if comparison, even if it failed.
22.Fixed $did().next/prev bug.
23.Added /window -H switch to enable @window listbox auto-hide.
24.Fixed notify list bug with popup menu using incorrect server
connection with aliases.
25.Fixed $ial() not being updated after a /hop.
26.Added $v1 and $v2 identifiers, return values of first and second
parts of an if comparison.
Note: $v1 replaces $ifmatch, however $ifmatch is still supported
for now.
27.Added $insong.pause returns $true if song is paused.
28.Updated support for numeric 489 due to different meaning across
29.Fixed /uwho numeric processing bug.
30.Fixed background display/resize bug with desktop windows.
31.Fixed highlight feature gpf bug.
32.Added /drawpic -o command, indicates that you have specified an
[N] value before the filename which is the index of the icon in
the file.
33.Updated $disk() to work with mounted NTFS drives.
34.Fixed /hop bug.
35.Fixed $file().size limitation.
36.Improved support for multiple server formats for numeric 338.
37.Added $comval(name,N,member) identifier, returns member values
for the Nth retrieved instance ie. enumerated collection.

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