Ciro vient de relaliser une nouvelle version de cette excellent frontend pour Mame.
Les améliorations sont les suivantes:

– Added support for the X-Arcade controller on Emu Loader’s GUI (see Preferences screen)
– Added support for the SlikStik controller on Emu Loader’s GUI (see Preferences screen)
– Fixed lots of bugs on the arcade controllers support
– Added an option to invert the second player stick for new SlikStik controllers, which have the UP / DOWN inverted
– The option Swap Stick is located on SlikStik tab, Preferences screen
– Fixed a bunch of visual bugs
– The component SM Version Info is not used on Emu Loader anymore
– Fixed a bug that was not showing transparent colors correctly in images, due to a mistake in compilation (transparent .gif and .png)
– Fixed a new bug that was not deleting the game from the list, when refreshing or deleting the game, due to the new game filter buttons
– Fixed a bug when viewing M.A.M.E. documents on View Text File screen. Now the documents are being correctly displayed
– Frontend is now compiled under Windows XP
– Windows XP themes compatible! If you’re having problems, just remove the file -Emuloader.exe.manifest from the main folder
– There are lots of visual bugs. Delphi is not totally compatible with WinXP themes
– The component TdxButton is totally removed from the project (WinXP button)
– The Num Lock bug is totally gone!
– This key doesn’t need to be handled anymore
– You can leave the Num Lock key at any state, but for the controllers Hot Rod, – SlikStik and X-Arcade to work correctly (on EL’s GUI), it’s recommended that the key be in ON state always
– M.A.M.E. 0.60 handle this key correctly for a lot more games now (various games still doesn’t restore the key correctly, though)
Just make sure that the key stays ON when navigating in the frontend
– Fixed games list to correctly detect the new PGM bios and it’s games Oriental – Legend is the only game I found in the -listinfo output
– Added support for the new ctrlr folder (controller key mapping). See MAME Default Options screen
– Updated the View Text Files list to include all M.A.M.E. documents
– Fixed a folder bug when viewing M.A.M.E. documents
– Changed the default font of the frontend back to Tahoma
– Fixed the detection of CVS bios and it’s games
– Fixed a bug when executing M.A.M.E. and custom games in Windows 2000 or Windows XP
-Added an option to select the controller keys mapping in MAME Default Options screen, under Sound / Controllers tab

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