Nouvelle version de RomManager (d’il y a 2 jours ^^) qui permet de gérer vos roms directement en utilisant Mirc (via un script). En voici les améliorations:

* We decided to switch to DATs maintained by EgoElf for the Arcade, MESS, PinMAME ROMs, & Fruit Rollback systems. And we are using Yoshizuki’s Pinball Table DATs and LaserDisc mpeg DAT. Some other new DATs/authors have been included as well.

* Updated TOSEC to use the 436 dats available at the moment. has an all new DAT generator to replace the previous buggy one, but even that might be replaced soon by the new TIM tool they are working on. Until something changes, we will try to keep copies of the TOSEC DATs available at While the TOSEC DAT names are stable, the data inside them is not and still has bugs. If you decide to switch to the new structure, please keep a backup of the 20040327 release (the last no bug version). And don’t delete any ‘left over’ ROMs you will have after scanning the current TOSEC DATs, you will need them later!!

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