Déjà une nouvelle version de ce frontend destiné à mame.
Dédié a XP Media Center (le premier du genre), il nécessite DirectX 9b et .NET 1.1, 2 composants plutôt lourds et exclusivement Windows.

11th September 2004 – Version 0.63 of GameEx available.
– Some significant enhancements and updates in this version.
– Added support for AdvanceMAME.
– Added don’t show bracketed game info option.
– Improved font size at higher resolutions.
– Improved screen handling at 640X480. Will now work in Media Center mode.
– Spent time testing and tweaking attract mode (Win 98/2000/XP).
– The big news it that GameEx now has fantastic support for Ultimarc’s ArcadeVGA
card. It can now automatically launch games with the best resolution dynamically at
run time.

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Windows emulator & Game front-end

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