Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame, en voici les nouveautés:

– New : Support for zipped picture files. EasyMame uses the zipfile found in the folder. (,,,,
– New : Added columns ‘Video’, ‘Orientation’, ‘Resolution’, ‘Sound’, ‘Frequentie’, ‘Control type’, ‘Version added’ and ‘Driver’
– New : Added ‘CRC Only’ mame option
– New : Added ‘Max Log Size’ mame option
– New : Added ‘Log data to OS’ mame option
– New : Added ‘Read cgf. file’ mame option
– New : Added ‘Pause_Brightness’ mame option
– New : Added ‘Scanlines’ mame option
– New : Added possibility to change the ‘memcard’ and ‘ctrlr’ folders.
– New : Added option to choose the amount of scaling times when the autostretching is disabled.
– New : Statusbar now displays amount of listed roms, available roms and known roms.
– Improved : mame.ini reading routine.
– Improved : Rewritten the database build routines. Although EasyMame now has to extract more data it’s now even faster 🙂
– Improved : Completely rewritten the mameinfo and historydat routines. Now at warp speed! 🙂
– Fixed : Auto-stretching the screenshot too much resulted in ‘Access violation’.
– Fixed : Volume attentuation now goes down to -32db instead of -12db.
– Fixed : When the volume attentuation was 0 this was saved as -0.

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