Nouvelle version de ce frontend destiné à mame, il supporte à présent le Nplayers.ini.

1. When in grouped mode with a background image enabled, after sorting a column, the gray background color does not blend with the image background so, this gray background color is now disabled when an image background is being used
2. Bug when creating games list in Windows 9x systems (see addition #4 for more info)
3. A couple of input query boxes from Windows were still being used (favorites manager screen)

1. Moved arcade controllers from Preferences screen back to buttons toolbar in main screen (special request)
2. All temporary files are created / unzipped in a new folder, « resources emp », instead of the Windows temp folder. Please do not delete this folder
3. Updates in WinXP toolbar icons

1. Folder « help » since the frontend is now English only. File « emuloader.chm » must be placed in frontend’s main folder now

1. New audit feature: « Not Used Files »
Check this option to list all files present inside that are not used by the game in question
Note that this only works for non-merged games, and it only list files from the actual gamename .zip file, not parent gamename files. Also, all files are listed at the bottom of the game’s node
… for MAMu_ 😀
2. New feature: « Delete All Clones Snapshots » (pictures popup menu)
Use this to delete game snapshots of all clone games of the selected master game. It works for zipped and unzipped files, main picture and extra pictures
3. New data in Game Information screen: « Samples File » and « Game Files »
The Sample File field shows the .zip filename of the external audio samples that the game plays, and the Game Files tab shows the complete list of the game ROMs / CHD (name, size, CRC32/MD5 checksums)
4. New option: « Windows 9x Fix » (main menu « File »)
If using WinMe / Win98 / Win95 and you are getting an error when creating a games list, make sure to check this option
– when doing a clean install, this option is automatically checked on Win9x systems
– on WinXP this option has no effect
– if you don’t get any error in Win9x systems, it’s recommended not to enable this option
5. Cancel unzipping MAMu_ icons when creating the list of game icons (hitting ESC key)
Note that the feature will not be canceled, and the icons that are already unzipped will still be used
6. Support for the file « nplayers.ini » created by Nomax
A new column has been added, displaying the number of players for each game. Make sure to place the file in the frontend’s main folder (like catver.ini file).
For updates go to
7. Input box and query input box screen now have a graphic background, just like the messages window
New image required: « resourcesimagesInputBoxBackground.jpg »

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