GetRight prend la main sur Windows pour gérer les téléchargements de fichiers. Très pratique il vous permet d’interrompre des téléchargements pour les reprendre plus tard. En voici les améliorations:

The Biggest Improvements:
Increase from 32 bit numbers (which maxes out at about 2GB for a single file) to 64 bits (which is about 8 billion Gigabytes). Should be good for another 1000 years or so! (How your disk is formatted can limit file sizes too: FAT limit is 2GB, FAT32 limit is 4GB, NTFS is unlimited. Info from Microsoft.)
Switched so the « by file type » Internet Explorer click monitoring uses a different method (now is a Browser Helper Object) which seems to have fewer quirks with Windows XP SP2 and a few other things. It’s been the alternate method we referred people to try if they had problems, so really has been used by a lot of people over the years. Probably won’t even notice any differences, if so, you can still use the « classic » method. There’s a checkbox on the bottom of the Types & Options config page.
Added built in click monitoring for many more browsers. Uses a plugin for Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape 6/7; with Opera it uses a feature to have Opera send the URL to another program.

Added MODE Z for FTP transfers. Compresses the transfer of files and directory listings. Will make a big difference especially if downloading text. Doesn’t do it for ZIP, EXE, RAR, or other already compressed types; and FTP servers are only just starting to add the feature; but is pretty cool with the right data and a server that allows it! I’ve seen folder contents compressed over 90% in the GetRight Browser! The RaidenFTPD server does it and lists some other servers that do too!
Added NTLM authorization.

Minor changes:
Handles it better if the GetRight folder isn’t writeable (for a user account, etc.) and does better with multiple user accounts, especially if an account is has limited access.
Fixed HTTPS with proxy servers, including proxy servers that need logins.
A little tweaking to try and improve page processing speed for Synchronizer.
Changed the « *.LOG » file format to make it much more readable.
Made it better at getting the right login form for web pages with more than one form.
Added so Download Status shows the % and total sizes for selected items (so can select a bunch of files and see what the total size is, etc.)
Handles things better when getting to the end of a segmented download. If a mirror with a significantly faster transfer speed is known and the last chunk will take more than a couple minutes, GetRight will switch to that mirror.
Fix a couple causes of crashes with Segmenting if the file isn’t found.
Won’t let download windows be Maximized (could happen if Download Status was maximized and opened a download.)
Move some of the less commonly used config menus under the Advanced branch.
Added tiny ToGetRight.exe program that just passes a URL on the command line to GetRight. It is much faster than doing the same by running GetRight.exe. For some click monitoring from Opera and the DownloadWith Mozilla plugin.
Improved « close with browser » so it recognizes many more web browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Netcaptor, etc.)
Added « Saved To » column for History on Download Status.
Changed things so if GetRight can’t remove the .GetRight from a file when it is finish, it will be removed when you reboot–so will get the name right eventually.
Skip getting file date from FTP if Norton Internet Security is installed; it incorrectly thinks the message GetRight sends is a Denial of Service attack and stops GetRight.
There’s lots more too. Many more small and big improvements and fixes!

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