Nouvelle version de ce frontend pour Mame (il faut posséder DX9.0c et .NET 1.1) à présent compatible Zinc.


A Favorites list is now part of GameEx, and is managed
and used purely through the front end.

Support for Zinc has been added, and games based on playstation
hardware can be launched with Zinc instead of MAME. Usage of Zinc is
totally seamless, and GameEx dynamically uses Zinc to launch games
where required.

GameEx also now supports Daphne, and a Laserdisc game page is
selectable from the new start page.

nplayers.ini is now used by GameEx to provide a list of Multiplayer Simultaneous
games, again this list is selectable from the now start page.

GameEx now features a Start Page which can be
used to go to Favorites, Playstation Games, Laserdisc games, and
MAME multiplayer games. The PC can also be shutdown from this page.

GameEx can now play MAME game videos as snap
images when browsing the lists. This is pretty cool, and a must if
you want the ultimate setup . See the Extras page for how to
obtain these videos.

Settings to control all these new features
have been added to GameEx.ini. If you are upgrading be sure to check
default.gameex.ini for new settings available. Also make sure you an
update list.


Gamepad issues when exiting a game
have been fixed.

Loads of other minor fixes, and GameEx should generally be very
stable now.

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