Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame dont voici les nouveautés:

– New : added popupmenu item ‘Show Tabs’.
– New : added ‘Move Rom File To …’. This actually moves the selected rom zip file to the folder ‘Bad Roms’.
– New : added ‘Show Game Driver Info’. Note: Only enabled when mameinfo.dat is available.
– New : added more game-system filters (Namco System 1, 2, 11, 12, 21, 22 and 23).
– Fixed : No error when the zipped picture pack(s) are corrupted.
– Fixed : Now updates the screenshot and history/mameinfo screen after a column sort or playing a random game.
– Fixed : When no bad rom files found the ‘Move To’ button is now disabled. (After initialising process)
– Improved: Now displays a log after moving ‘Bad rom’ files.
– Improved: When screenshot and history.dat/mameinfo.dat are simultaneous on screen both are now proportional scaled. (Visually much better)

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