Dédié à XP Media Center (le premier du genre), il nécessite DirectX 9c et .NET 1.1 au minimum, 2 composants plutôt lourds et exclusivement Windows.


– Fixes issue with Invalid snap path when trying to create snaps

– The Jukebox now automatically downloads Album artwork for the selected track if you are connected to the internet. These are then stored in a directory for later use. The download runs on a thread, and should not interfere with normal function of gameex.
– In addition, MAME video previews now run on a thread also and can play smoothly at full frame rate. The AVIFrameSkip setting is now redundant.
– If using the Jukebox, the current track detail is shown at the top of the screen. (if not in ArcadeMode)
-Fixed bug where Emulator was not selectable if no startpagelogo was defined.
-Error checking for corrupt snapshots.

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