Nouvelle version de ce manager de roms, en voici les nouveautés:

– added: scanner save fixdatfile (completely missing sets only)
– added: setinfo spinnercontrols to step a set forward/backward
– misc: optional rebuilder beep works for drag&drop, too
– misc: don’t store dir2dat settings in cmpro.ini have to use dir2dat profiles
– misc: autoreplacing bad filenamecharacters when using %v,%d,%n in dir2dat datfilename
– misc: rounding setsize instead of cutting off
– fixed: some nasty exception with fastscan after drag&drop
– fixed: some nasty exception when closing with ESC key

– added: rebuilder button ‘set destination to 1st rompath’
– added: scanner->logfile->button ‘view logfile’
– added: profiler->popupmenu->’view logfile’
– added: dir2dat/settings dir2dat paths…for multiple dir2dat sourcefolders

– fixed: some issues with too long path/filenames
– fixed: several « last paths » weren’t remembered fixdatfile, load dat, dir2dat profile
– fixed: rebuilder recompress option stays enabled internally when toggling zip option
– fixed: datfileparsers didn’t accept a leading 0x before sha1/md5 values

– misc: dir2dat destinationfilename can use variables %v, %n, %d (header version, name an description) instead of a real filename. (e.g. d: emp\%dver%v.dat)
– misc: don’t disable the scanresults tree window when you click cancel (pause) in the progress window
– misc: scanresults shows the setsize (approx. value, mergemode doesn’t play a role yet)
– misc: changed taborder in dir2dat

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