Egalement une nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné aussi à Mame et qui demande d’avoir d’installé sur son pc .Net v1.1 et DirectX v9.0c. Voici les infos:

– New Video Module for playing movies and videos. It features fast forward/rewind, and changing of aspect ratio. It allows you to create snaps for your videos, and can play AVI, MPG, WMV, and ASF videos. Enabled by default.
– New Widescreen setting, to shrink the display to 16:9
– Videos playing as the background image (background=snap), can now be alpha blended and use the brightness setting.
– New HTML applications module, for using Web Applications within GameEx. By default MCEWeather is enabled. HTML applications can be operated also by a Game Pad.
– New Log Off button on the start page.
– New setting to turn off MAME usage completely and just use the HTPC features and other Emulators.
– GameEx now features a command line option to specify a different configuration file.
– A rom to name map file can now be used. Useful for emulators where you must specify an exact rom name. The map files are compatible with the GameLauncher format, or rom and game name can be separate by a pipe.
– Slightly improved animations

– Command line options should now work for External applications.
– HideExit does not now automatically enable HideShutDown.
– Fixed mouse pointer selects game after exiting emulator.

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