Encore une nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à mame.

2.75 full install now available. I have the videos module working pretty well now. This release should fix all if not most of the issues with the video modules hopefully, although they are still a little unstable on my system. Might be bad codecs, and corrupt videos, not sure though..
There is now an additional manual create snaps mode.
MAME game videos, now stop quite a bit quicker.
As a matter of interest I upgraded to the .net framework 1.1 SP 1 + XP SP2, and GameEx seems to use a fair amount less memory now on my system. Its up to you about SP2, but its probably a good idea to get the Framework update.
Ill hopefully have a better configuration utility available in a couple of weeks. I am going to continue ironing out the video module, but if I cant get it perfect, I’m going to disable the feature completely . I am sure it works great with stable systems, and good quality videos, but I don’t want people complaining because videos they download off KaZZaa don’t work. I am working also on a picture viewer, but there should be no issues with that, I have most the code already working in the app, and I don’t see it being unstable. Its just this DirectShow stuff that’s giving me a headache, might have been a bad idea, we will see. As with just about everything else in GameEx, you can turn the feature off if you don’t want it. The video quality is pretty good though, and it creates better thumbnails and has an additional aspect ratio to MCE.

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