Nouvelle version pour ce frontend multi émulateurs dont voici les améliorations:

* ZiNc support. To setup the emulator, simply use the « Emu-Finder ». For ROMS just go to « Arcade ROMs » in the menu, and « Scan for ZiNc ROMs ».
* Re-instated « use QP temp directory for extraction » setting. Work-around for a bug where if you have a zipped copy of a game, and an unzipped copy in the same folder, QuickPlay will extract the zipped version over the unzipped version, and then delete it.
* Added right-click menu for GoodMerge « ROMs inside Archive », a lot of the menu entries do nothing, this is by design!
* Fixed – No Tabs setting wasnt sticking..
* Fixed – Run Dialog was wiping out emulator compression settings.
* Fixed – When adding new emulators, the compression options werent loading.
* Fixed – uncompressed games wont run in a GoodMerge folder.
* Fixed – Changing the default emulator in the « directory mirroring » didnt change the emulator for ROMs

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