Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame dont voici les améliorations de la version précédente (on les ignores pour la 3.36):

– GameEx can now run at the ArcadeVGA resolution of 632 x 264
– Black Background that hides the desktop (hideos.exe) is now resizing with the resolution as it should.
– Setting to disable the mouse added.
– New configuration setting to shuffle (randomize) a playlist upon loading.
– Options in the Jukebox itself to clear the currently playing tracks, and shuffle the currently playing tracks.
– You can now select and play the MAME game that was last ran (either directly or through attract mode) from the Start Page.
– Fixed Mouse could select empty list item.
– Emulators can now use Snaps downloaded with OfflineList.
– To use specify the filename and location of the DAT Zip file, and specify the snap path as the appropriate image path for that emulator in OfflineList.
– Still hoping to get some translations soon. This can be done from the Configuration Application.
– Folder Navigation added to Videos Module. Files are no longer all grouped in one list.

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