Enfin un nouveau build estampillé « e » pour cet émulateur de GBA (et futur DS).

I now have seperate DS mmu and gpu source files. The DS mmu copies the ROM over to 02004000 as the hardware seems to, and the gpu does nothing different (not even the resolutions) yet. Even so, I now have gba.dll AND ds.dll, and that is good news.

Good enough to warrant a versioning up, I think. I’ve hit beta E, so y’all can celebrate this fact by downloading it and trying it out. If you want to load a DS rom, the only way to change DLLs right now is to modify LoadDS in the INI file. You can probably work out what values the variable can take.

And before I get all sorts of complaints, I know it’ll crash. I’ve just put the compilation framework down, that’s all.

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