Encore un nouveau build pour cet émulateur de GBA (et futur DS).

After a fair amount of bad code, dovoto’s first framebuffer test for the DS looks like it’s running. Check the screenshots page for a look, and note how the different size of the screen causes all the other screenshots to fall over and break.

You’ll also note the massively reduced framerate relative to most of the shot images. This has nothing to do with the DSness of the ROM under test, but is in fact a symptom of my development system now no longer being an Athlon, but a P3-600. Yes, I’m gonna need some massive skills to get an emulated core up to full speed on this thing.

ATTENTION, UN VIRUS ( w32/parité) était dans l’archive de la news, ceci est indépendant de notre volonté, cette version uppée à 14H25 est SAINE ( by seb)

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