Encore un nouveau build pour cet émulateur de GBA (et futur DS).

If I’m ever going to take advantage of the 3D hardware present in most computers that’ll be running DSemu, it’s probably wise to use some 3D-accelerated driver like DirectX or OpenGL to harness the hardware. Hence, as of today, both the GBA and DS cores draw onto a textured quad that is rendered by OpenGL. In the far future, the DS core will probably be drawing objects over the top of this ‘2D display’ quad.

There are two nice side benefits to the OpenGL switch. Firstly, since the hardware is handling the scaling of the quad, you can now resize the DSemu window at will, and the display will stretch to match. Second, I actually got a good 10% speedup in frame rate by moving from GDI to OpenGL. See how it goes for you.

In other news, yet more core bugs that mic’s ARMwrestler has been able to track down. Today, there was a nice little one in LDR-asr-by-32, where the wrong address would end up being read from. All patched up now, which means a clean sweep for the ARM core. (Thumb is still a different matter.)

Lots of news today.

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