Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame dont voici les changements:

– Now uses -vol -32 instead of -nosound for mame and attract audio modes with no sound.
– This fixes attract mode and launching games when using 0.93 of MAME, although is not a temporary fix.

– Application and install now also in French.
– French version 1 by Franck Conti.
– If you would like to do a translation just use the configuration application and post gameex.ini to the forums.
– New setting to launch initial Playlist on a thread.
– Fixed issues with Daphne settings in Configuration app.
– A new GameEx forum was launched on Saturday (26th)
– It’s available at
– As well as answering a lot of your questions, you will also find user submitted themes and emulator configurations there.
– Please join us.

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