Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame dont voici les améliorations:

– if an error is captured and you are kicked out of ultrastyle, the taskbar is no longer hidden
– new background image replaces default
– sped up the wheel animation when going up/down a letter and to sub-wheels, the wheel now snaps into place much quicker
– changed the way favorites were read into ultraconfig to make use of MAME32 Favorites converter
– in ultraconfig, the titles to the groups are now in BOLD so you can spot them better
– errors are now written to error.txt in the main ultrastyle dir
– setup wizard now gives you 3 choices when starting (new setup, added ROMs, and new MAME ver)
– choose to shutdown or exit immediately instead of shutdown options dialog
– some of the sort by controller code is implemented, but it’s not available yet

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