Nouvelle version de CMP dont voici les améliorations:

– added: several rebuilder specific options for batchrun
– misc: changed the way fixmissing works

set doesn’t exists at all:
– use rompath of a) existing parent b) existing clones
– if a) and b) fails, use 1st rompath

set exists but is incomplete:
– use the rompath of the incomplete set

« use sysdefpaths for fixmissing » is used:
– always use the assigned path

– misc: wrongplaced file gets unneeded when « right place » is a disabled set
– misc: additional prompt (delete all at once) when removing profiles
– misc: profiler datfile info window shows datfilename, too
– misc: some menu textchanges (Save->Setlist)
– misc: some code cleanup concerning the tempfolder
– misc: export dat exports rebuildto tags, too
– misc: rebuilder destination can be a subfolder of the source, it’ll get skipped. SysDefPath as destination can’t be a sub though.
– fixed: batchrun crashes when using not used/new datfiles
– fixed: backupfolder in default.cmp is ignored for exe-based dats

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