Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Nintendo DS qui émule également la GBA (le tout partiellement).

I said I’d keep looking at the core, and I did. I ended up finding the major error relating to the jump-to-0 bug. I suspected that it was to do with the stack getting corrupted somehow, and with some good debugging help from various sources, I tracked it down to the stack pointer getting changed. It turns out that Thumb ADDSP-imm has a reciprocal mode, SUBSP-imm, encoded by the same first byte. Fix that, and suddenly nothing jumps to 0 anymore. Mind you, it’s still the case that nothing works.

Elsewhere, I’ve noticed that when the emulator is put into animated scanline mode, the output screen starts flashing like a madman. It’s because the MMX word-flip operation to turn the colours the right way up gets applied every scanline, to the same buffer as its previous output. After adding yet another output buffer, the screen no longer flashes in a psychedelic manner.

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